About Lithium Headphones

Early life of an audiophile

Lithium Headphones is the result of a tinkerer and modder going too far, in all the best ways. Founded by Dan Ruby, an audiophile and lifelong (amateur) musician, Lithium was the result of years of modding and repairing headphones and vintage audio equipment.

With a CAD program, a 3D printer and a dream, Dan started to design. The first design was less than stellar:

Lithium's Humble Beginnings

However, it worked. It made music. It sounded better than free airline headphones, and that's not nothing.

Emboldened by this, Dan spent countless hours designing, printing, testing, cursing, redesigning, cursing some more, testing some more, until after being inspired by a DIY mod by a Head-Fi member named John Massaria, he came up with the patent-pending Lithium Tuning System. Combined with a highly detailed Beryllium-coated driver, the Lithium Tuning system provided the soundstage and detail he was looking for.

And thus, Lithium Headphones was born.

We're still small, we're located in the greater Boston area, and Dan continues to tinker and improve on his designs. Check us out, have a listen, and enjoy the music.