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Lithium Headphones

Alkali Open-Backed Dynamic Headphones

Alkali Open-Backed Dynamic Headphones

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The Alkali is our launch open-backed headphone, combining the Lithium Tuning System with an ultra-detailed 50mm Beryllium-coated driver in a finely-tuned nylon-like resin cup.

Using advanced modern resin printing technology, and with each pair hand-assembled and tested, the Alkali provides audiophiles with a huge soundstage, incredible levels of detail and resolution, and a listening experience that will leave you bopping your head.

When purchasing your Alkali, you will be asked to choose between 300 and 600 ohm drivers.

Each Lithium Alkali includes:

- A hard carrying case
- One set of pads
- A custom Hart cable terminating in 1/4"

As each headphone is hand-built to order, fulfillment times will vary based on demand. Please allow up to 4 weeks before shipping, although this much of a delay should be rare and we will strive to get your Alkalis to you as quickly as possible.

Please Note: Cup colors as shown are beta products. Final products will have black cups with red grilles. If you want a different color, email with your order number and I'll see what I can do for you.

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